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[edd_totalcount] Zip Files available!

Welcome to Screencaps.US – a network of high quality screencap sites, with hundreds of galleries, thousands of monthly visitors, and millions of caps! All the sites & galleries are free to access and use – but to help pay for the BluRay & 4K discs I buy to cap, as well as the bandwidth costs for the sites, I ask for a small contribution if you want to download a gallery as a zip file. Thank you in advance for supporting Screencaps.US – every purchase helps this network grow!

PLEASE NOTE that the zip files contain the exact same images as the free web galleries, only combined into several easy-to-access zip files instead of spread out over 75+ gallery web pages. We do not sell or distribute the movies themselves in any way, shape, or form.

To purchase a zip file, you can either pay-as-you-go (regular zip files are $4 each, 4K zip files are $8 per gallery), or choose a package below for much better value for money:

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Newest Zip Files

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Terms, Conditions, and Rules Network reserves the right to cancel any membership if you don’t play by the rules. Download links are only for the purchasing member and under no circumstances may be shared with anyone else. All payments/memberships/subscriptions are non-refundable – keep in mind the zip files may be several gigabytes in size, so make sure your computer and internet connection can handle downloads of that size before you sign up. You’ll most likely not be able to download successfully if you are on a slow internet connection, or don’t have a desktop/laptop computer – the downloads will not work on smartphones or tablets. If you encounter any problems with downloading or unzipping, contact me and I’ll always do my best to figure out what’s causing the problem.