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  1. if the movie you’re asking for, has already been capped. This page lists everything I have capped – search it first!
  2. if your movie has already been requested. Search the full Requests list here first! SERIOUSLY, DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. With 900+ requests on the list, your movie probably has already been requested.
  3. if the movie you’re requesting, is available on Bluray (preferred) or DVD. I do get a lot of requests for completely obscure or very old movies, that are impossible to find on BluRay or even normal DVD. If I can’t buy them, I can’t cap them, so please make sure your requested movie is available for sale in mainstream shops like

I’m serious – I have anywhere between 500 and 1,000 active requests at any time, and I run these sites in my spare time. If you’re requesting things that have 1) already been capped or 2) already been requested, you are wasting my time! Please please check the above 2 pages first. If I find you’re consistently ignoring this and requesting things already done or on the list on a regular basis, I WILL ban you from ever being able to request again. Sorry to be so harsh – but you’d be surprised at the amount of people requesting things that would take them 2 minutes to realize are already on 1) or 2) above! Thanks a ton for your understanding and cooperation!

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