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I receive a lot of questions about my sites and screencapping, and here I have tried to answer the most-commonly-asked ones. :)

About Making Screencaps

1) How do you make your screencaps? Is it just one person running this website?

Yes, it’s just me! I own a 27″ iMac, and here are the apps I use to make all the caps:

  • Handbrake to rip the movie from the DVD or BluRay, at the best quality setting.
  • Quicktime Player 7 to automatically make the screencaps (File > Export > Movie to Image Sequence) at a rate of 2 per second.
  • Arcsoft Photo+ to quickly and easily scan through all the thumbnails and delete the bad ones.
  • Apple’s Automator (included with the Mac OS) to rename and number all the caps sequentially.
  • Transmit to upload the gallery to my web hosting

2) How many caps do you make per movie? Can you go back and cap this one particular still for me?

My capping program is set to automatically take 2 caps per second. No, I won’t change this – it means I end up with an average of 8,000 caps for a 90-minute movie. This is enough to capture nearly everything in a movie, it provides a good balance between storage space (and therefore cost), and number of images. And no sorry – once a movie is capped, I delete the digital file and donate the DVD, so I’m not able to go back and re-cap certain scenes for you.

3) How long does it take you to finish capping one movie?

Generally, it takes me about 3-4 days. Ripping the movie from disc takes anywhere between 1-5 hours (depending on if it’s a BluRay or not), making the caps takes 1-2 hours, sorting through the caps and deleted the credits etc takes about 30 minutes, and uploading the gallery takes about 6-9 hours. Yes, I realize I am on a very crappy internet connection (50kb upload max), but I live way out in the country so this is the fastest I can get! Lastly, listing the gallery on the site takes around another 30 minutes. Since I do all this in my spare time as I have a full-time job, it adds up to about 3-4 days.

4) Do you know of a Windows program I can use to make caps myself?

I never use Windows, so sorry, but no, I really have no idea!

5) What happens to the DVDs and BluRays after you finish capping them?

I donate virtually all of them to charity – I only tend to keep Disney Classics and the rest I give away.

About My Websites

1) How did you build your websites?

I built them using WordPress, a free and excellent CMS that can be extended to run virtually any type of website. I do a lot of web design for my job, so it was easy for me to set these sites up as I was already familiar with WordPress.

2) What WordPress Theme are you using?

At the moment, all sites in the network use the great Heap theme by Pixelgrade. I’ve only modified it a tiny bit to suit my needs – it’s very customizable yet lightweight and responsive, which is important as most gallery pages are very image heavy!

3) What WordPress Plugins do you use?

These are the plugins I have enabled on all sites in the network:

About Zip Files & Images

1) Can I use these images to make commercial-use items?

No. These images do not belong to you or me, they belong to the movie studios or production companies which hold the copyright over these movies. The images and zip files are provided for educational and non-commercial use only. Anything else you do with them, is at your own risk.

2) Do the zip files contain more or better-quality images than the online galleries?

No. The images are exactly the same, except gathered in 1 handy zip file so you don’t have to browse through 70+ pages to find the image you’re looking for. They do not contain more or better quality images.

About Me

1) Who are you?

My name is Micah. I’m a web designer and photographer, currently living in Europe with my husband, baby daughter and my dog. I travel a lot, and am a huge Disney fan.

2) Why did you start these sites?

Out of appreciation for the film makers! It all started with DisneyScreencaps, which I created to pay homage to the absolutely stunning animations and backgrounds in Disney movies. From that, it has grown to include non-Disney, and eventually non-animated movies as there is beauty to be found in all of them, and they are so useful to anyone studying animation, film making, story telling, costume design, special effects, and much more.


Do you have a question that wasn’t answered above? Email me. :)



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  1. 2

    I’ve been emailing for weeks about the screencaps in the Animation and Movie websites. They seem to be glitchy because I can barely upload any screencap from those two websites. I’ve been emailing you to the get the problem resolved, but I have not heard from you so I don’t know if you are fixing the problem or not. If you can email me back or reply to my comment, that would be great. I want to be upload as many screencaps as I can without having any problems and I’m sure other users feel the same way as I do. Please respond to me as soon as you can.

    • 3

      Hiya, I’m aware of this but don’t know how to fix it. The images load fine for me and the majority of visitors, and only a small subset of visitors seem to encounter errors but no one can give me an error message or anything. Since I can’t reproduce it here, I’m totally stuck on how to fix it – I just can’t find a cause. :/ Sorry! I’ll keep looking into it!

  2. 5

    you should state the resolution of your images somewhere on the page. i just purchases the starwars collection hoping the images will be a high enough resolution for my project.

    • 6

      Hello! The images in the zip files are always the same size as the ones freely available – the only difference is the convience of downloading them in 1 zip. So for any gallery, you can always check the size the images will be by viewing the online gallery. :)

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