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I cap movies based on which BluRays I happen to buy, as well as what is requested by site visitors. Below you can browse the current requests and add your own. Please note that a request is not a guarantee I’ll cap it – this depends also on whether I can buy the movie (often new movies are requested that aren’t out on BluRay yet, or very old movies that are hard to find), how much it costs, and how busy I am. I am just 1 person running these sites as a hobby in the little bit of spare time I have left after my own full-time job and family time.

Please note the following rules for making a request:

  1. Check if the movie you’re asking for, has already been capped. This page lists everything I have capped – search it first!
  2. Check if the movie you’re requesting, is available on Bluray (preferred) or at least DVD. I get a lot of requests for completely obscure or very old movies, that are impossible to find on BluRay or even normal DVD. If I can’t buy them, I can’t cap them, so please make sure your requested movie is available for sale on mainstream websites like
  3. Use your votes wisely. I will give a request with a lot of votes priority, but if you vote for 50 requests, I can’t possibly do them all at the same time. So please only issue a vote if you’d REALLY love to see that movie capped
  4. FORMAT: When making a new request, add the movie’s title and year as the Title, and for the Description, write whether it’s ‘Animation’ or ‘Movie’, like this:

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1 vote

It Chapter Two (2019)

Since their victory over Pennywise in Derry, Maine during the summer of 1989, the members of the Losers Club have grown up, with six of..

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3 votes

Spy Kids (2001)

Gregorio and Ingrid Cortez are the best spies in the world. After having children and giving up the life of espionage for about ten years,..

1 comment
4 votes

Home Alone (1990)

Eight-year-old Kevin McAllister is constantly picked on and abused by his older siblings and relatives, making him feel resentful towards them. When they go to..

1 comment
1 vote

Dolphin Tale (2011)

11-year old Sawyer Nelson has been lacking confidence ever since his father left him. One day, on his way to summer school, he encounters and..

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