Game of Thrones S06E01 “The Red Woman”

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Jon Snow’s corpse is found by Ser Davos, Edd and a few other loyalists; Davos and the others take him inside and bolt themselves inside a room, while Edd goes for help. Thorne assumes command of the Watch. At Winterfell, Ramsay mourns for Myranda, while Sansa and Theon escape through the woods, chased by Ramsay’s men. They are about to take them captive, when Brienne and Pod arrive, killing the men. Brienne is accepted into Sansa’s service. In King’s Landing, Jaime arrives with Myrcella’s body. Jaime vows to Cersei they will avenge her death. Obara and Nymeria murder Trystane, on his return from King’s Landing, while in Sunspear, Doran and Areo Hotah are killed by Ellaria and Tyene, after the former learns of Myrcella’s death. In Meereen, Tyrion and Varys learn all the ships are burning in the harbor. Jorah and Daario continue to track Daenerys, who the Dothraki take to Khal Moro. In Braavos, Arya lives on the streets as a blind beggar, beaten daily by the Waif. In her chamber, Melisandre removes her bejeweled necklace as her true appearance as an old crone is revealed.


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