The Little Vampire (2000)

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The film’s protagonist is a young boy named Tony Thompson (Jonathan Lipnicki). When transferred from California to Scotland, Tony is bullied at school by the grandsons of his father’s boss. He suffers recurring nightmares about vampires, whereafter to befriend the young vampire Rudolph (Rollo Weeks) and Rudolph’s siblings Anna (Anna Popplewell) and Gregory (Dean Cook). Rudolph’s family seek a magical stone to make them human. However, the evil vampire hunter Rookery (Jim Carter) wants the stone to destroy them. After searching for the stone in many places, Tony discovers it under his bedroom, then Rookery breaks into his room, and takes Tony, with the stone with him. After that, Rudolph saves Tony, and they travel back to the Vampire’s meeting place. At the vampires’ usual meeting-place, Tony makes all the vampires human, after Rookery is killed by Tony’s father Bob (Tommy Hinkley). When Rudolph and his family move into a house near Tony and his parents, Tony later reunites with Rudolph, Anna, Gregory, and the rest of their family.

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